Best Games For Android Without Wifi – 2019 Edition

Regular game players want to try all types of game. It could be online as well as offline games. But when we travel there will be limited data availability or no data connection. In such conditions, it is very difficult to play online games. Then it is better to collect some offline games which you can play from anywhere you want. Also, when you play online games always there is a chance of losing the phone charge so fast. To avoid such issues offline games are the best choice. 

Why are online games very popular?

Most games available nowadays are online games. The main reason behind it is that gamers want to generate some revenue from such games. There are piracy issues for offline games. Hackers can copy offline games and spread it online. This will reduce the chance of generating income for game developers. That’s why most game developers try to develop online games with in-app purchases. This type of games is very difficult to hack. 

Top Best Games For Android Without WiFi 2019

Even though online games are very popular there are developers who develop offline games. Such games allow you to play any game they need without a data connection and spending money. There are many free offline games for you to try. Try them and enjoy your free time 

1. Despicable Me


This is a free game designed on the 3D environment. Run with minions and collect as many bananas as possible. Run as fast as you can roll, jump, dodge and knock the minions out of the track to win the game. You can see many places while running and there are power-ups and useful weapons for you to play well. Wear weird costumes and have fun in this game and meet the villains like Vector. The app is free to download with some in-app purchases.

2. Subway Surfers


Subway surfers is an endless running game for IOS, Android, Windows players. In this game as a player, you need to run through the subway on a surfboard. You need to face so many obstacles on your race. The game is free to download with in-app purchases. The game revolves around a 3D environment with many advanced graphics features. Try this excellent offline game by collecting coins on your journey and win the game.   



Badland is an adventurous game for players who want to try something exciting. This is designed in a 2D environment where you have to walk through a forest and face some dangers hiding in there. Throughout your journey, you need to face some traps and obstacles. Your task is to find out the issue in the forest using your strategic movements. There is a multiplayer mode too if you want. Download this game for free and play it without Wi-Fi. 

4. Asphalt 8 Airborne


For the race, game lovers get this amazing game which you can play without a Wi-Fi connection. Asphalt Airborne is a game from Gameloft where you need to participate in racing and win the game by defeating opponents. There are many interesting features for this game like 3D graphics, good speed and grand cars. It also gives you a combined experience of car stunts and arcades with an additional aircraft carrier. The game offers a multiplayer mode online. Download Asphalt 8 Airborne for free from play store.

5. SimCity BuildIt


SimCity BuildIt is a strategic game for mobile users. It is a free game for Android as well as IOS users. You need to build your own city using available resources. This game has some in-app purchases which you can use it for your construction purpose. Build seasonal building which changes in every 3 months. Make your city beautiful by construction roads, commercial and industrial buildings by plying SimCity BuildIt game without Wi-Fi.

6. Angry birds 2


Angry birds is a very popular game series and this is the sequel of the legendary Angry birds. The game became very popular because of the huge success of the first part. For fun game lovers’ Angry birds 2 gives you a good treat. With interesting graphics and new attacking modes, the game has many followers now. If you want to spend some time by playing a simple game where you don’t have to apply your brain, try this Angry birds 2 games. Downloads it for free from the app store and enjoy.

7. Plants Vs Zombies 2


Plants Vs Zombies is a free game for arcade game lovers. Initially, the game was exclusively for PCs. But now it is available for all type of devices. Here plants have to protect the attack from Zombies before they start to eat their brain. Zombies are very powerful with many capabilities like they can throw watermelons, corn missiles etc. This is an entertaining game for people who like to play the game offline. 

8. Hill climb Racing 2


Are you a fan of physic- based games? Then you are going to love Hill climb racing 2 game. This is a free game which you can play from anywhere you want without any Wi-Fi connection. Climb various types of hills on your vehicle and collect the coins and other power-ups like gas, batteries to sustain in your game. Also, make sure to stay alive when you advance in this game. 

9. Shadow fight 2


Shadow fight 2 is an arcade style fighting game where you have to fight with your enemies and advance in your game. You can do whatever you want to attack your enemies like jumping, kicking, rolling and even punching.

You can ride through 6 various worlds and play this action-packed game.  Customize your fighter and upgrade your powers to win against your enemy. The game is free to download and no need of data connection to play this game. 

Final words

These are some best games to play without a Wi-Fi connection. Play the game from anywhere you want and no need to get bored when you reach a place without internet connection. Even though gamers shifted to making online gamed there will be still fans for offline games. So, start your gameplay and have fun.

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