5 Best Private Instagram Profile Viewer In 2020

The year is 2020 and everyone is aware of Instagram. It has developed into one of the (if not THE) most valued social networking platforms.

It is also famous for preserving a strict privacy policy.

You will come across loads of awesome looking Instagram profiles while browsing, but you can’t view them all; which can be very frustrating since the reason for most people joining Instagram nowadays, is to share eye-catching photographs with their followers and friends.

This happens because the Instagram user has enabled a private account since there are plenty of reasons why some people would rather not share their private photo collection with the entire world.

Similarly, there are lots of reasons why one would wish to hack into another private Instagram user’s account.

Perhaps, you’re looking to spy on a crush or monitor your child’s social media activity without them knowing; you’ll need a private Instagram viewer for that.

In this post, we will describe how to gain full access to private Instagram user accounts along with some top private Instagram viewer apps you can install.

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How to View Private Instagram Account without the User Knowing

The good news is there is a variety of private Instagram viewer spyware designed to make the process of eavesdropping online easier.

You too can harness their revolutionary technology and access any private Instagram profile unnoticed.

Private profile viewer tools are great for people who wish to monitor a private account on Instagram; perhaps belonging to estranged family members, an ex-lover, friends, or even colleagues at work.

However, there are also tons of apps and websites available online that promise to deliver. So you’ll need a top private Instagram viewer that works to enjoy a high success rate.

You only have to install one of the best private Instagram profile viewer apps on your target’s device and your chances of success are approximately 95%.

The Instagram private profile viewer will enable you to see your target’s chat history, uploaded pictures and videos, their Instagram screen activity, Instagram user interactions, etc. Read more about private instagram viewer at thetecsite.com

KidsGuard Pro is a perfect example of a top private Instagram viewer tool you can install and use.

It has ranked among the best private profile viewer solutions developed for Instagram to date.

This remarkable software is perfect for viewing the private Instagram account of someone very close to you since you’ll have to download & install it on his/her mobile device to gain access to every Instagram photo, video, message and notification they’ve received or uploaded.

The entire installation process lasts for less than five minutes so you won’t have to bother about holding on to your target’s smartphone for too long while generating suspicion.

Moreover, Instagram spying can be done remotely via the online dashboard of your KidsGuard Pro app.

This means that if you successfully install the KidsGuard Pro private Instagram viewer on someone’s mobile device, you can monitor their Instagram activity without even being nearby.

Below are a few reasons why KidsGuard Pro is one of the best Instagram private account viewer apps out there:

  • This app will allow users to view all the private photos uploaded to Instagram as well as private chats, plus deleted messages.
  • The KidsGuard Pro private Instagram viewer allows you to see your target’s online activity by displaying their Instagram push notifications which include follower interactions and most recent uploads.

You will even be updated about who liked or commented on their IG posts, etc.

  • There’s an automatic screenshot feature that can help you keep track of the target user’s Instagram activity.

It works by letting you browse their live Instagram interface by using real-time screenshots.

  • You can even enable stealth mode on this Instagram viewer private

Moreover, the KidsGuard Pro private Instagram viewer is quite easy-to-use. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Start by signing up with a verified email address and then you can obtain your user license on the official KidsGuard Pro web page.
  1. Ensure that your target’s device is switched ON then use it to log on to installfree.net so you can download the assistant software.

After successfully downloading the APK file, you must launch it and then sign in to your account. Next, configure your target’s device by following the on-screen guide displayed on the app.

The application’s icon should automatically disappear from the home screen of your target’s phone afterward..

  1. Now, you can see the entire online activities of your targeted user via the online dashboard of the KidsGuard Pro private Instagram viewer.

Go back to the official KidsGuard Pro website and reconnect your target’s device.

Next, you must select “Instagram” on the left-side menu.

Perhaps you wish to check out their private Instagram picture collection; simply select “Photos” and then proceed to locate the Instagram album.

Other Instagram Private Account Viewer Apps

In this section, we will spotlight some other app alternatives you can install and use to view private accounts on the Gram.

These private profile viewer apps are perfect for users who wish to spy on someone who is not nearby. You require only the username of the targeted IG account.

However, these apps are not always effective and you will have to complete a few online surveys before you get the desired results.

Once this is done, you can enjoy access to the targeted user’s basic Instagram account info and with any luck, their private pictures and videos as well.

Private Insta

You can download the Private Insta app to own a handy tool for checking out private profiles on Instagram.

This software was developed to extract the uploaded photos and video posts of private IG account users.

All you have to do here is copy & paste your targeted profile’s username on Instagram in the app’s interface.

After this is done, simply click on the Submit button to initiate the profile post search and extraction process.

Once the search is complete, you’ll need to participate in a simple survey after which you can view the posts of the private Instagram account username you have provided.

This user-friendly private Instagram viewer will even allow you to see online activities of your target which include what they comment on, their shares, and what they like.

The only drawback here is the fact that you might come across some tricky survey questions.

Insta Looker

Insta Looker is yet another noteworthy private Instagram viewer software where you only require the username of your target’s IG profile.

Once you supply answers to a few survey questions, you can easily see and download any pictures and videos uploaded to that particular Instagram account.

The entire process is quite straightforward.

However, you must ensure that you input the correct IG username while searching.

Watch Insta

Introducing Watch Insta; a top private Instagram viewer you can use to observe every photo and video post that your targeted IG user profile has uploaded.

The entire process will take about 5 minutes. All you have to do is input the username of your targeted user, supply answers to a short survey, and then you can proceed to view his/her private IG posts as well as download photos and videos effortlessly.

Insta Dp

This is Insta DP a private Instagram viewer tool with a simple User-Interface designed to assist you with getting the job done smoothly.

You only need to copy & paste the targeted Instagram profile username and search for it.

The next stage in the process will involve answering a few easy survey questions that will eventually redirect you to the private IG profile you have targeted, so you can enjoy access to all their posts undetected.

Legitimate Ways to View Private Instagram Accounts without Using Private Instagram Viewer Tools

This next section is perfect for Instagram Users who prefer not to use any private profile viewer apps.

However, the chances of success are not very good.

But once you obtain permission from the private IG account owner, you can see everything he/she has uploaded on the Gram.

  1. Ask the Account Owner Directly: This direct approach is the easiest method you can use to enjoy full access to private IG accounts.

Just send a follow request to the person whose private IG content you wish to see. Or you can send them a private message introducing yourself and expressing your intentions.

You must be genuine enough for the person to feel good about accepting your follow request.

  1. Create a Different Instagram Account: Are you interested in checking out someone else’s private IG posts? Then you may have to create a different account that looks authentic enough to be accepted by the targeted account owner.

Perhaps you should also create a private account to arouse the other person’s curiosity.

You can then proceed to send a follow request to the targeted IG user and/or leave them a genuine personal message and await their reply.

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The Round-Up

The most straightforward approach to viewing a private IG user’s posts is by sending him/her a follow request.

But, your success is not 100% guaranteed.

Knowing how to react to different circumstances and understanding which tools and techniques can get the job done is vital to discovering the content you seek.